November 26, 2012


Well, Thanksgiving was not an exercise in restraint.

We ate a lot. I ate a lot.

We ate a lot of great food. Mostly sugar laden carbs. Yummy, yummy, yummy carbs.

So today is reckoning day. Time to dust off the running shoes and up the huge hills in our neighborhood huffing and puffing off the pounds a day at a time.

Ugh. I actually look forward to the routine. Kind of.

We have a little teeny bit of a break from most normal activities in December.

Of course, we add in some extra, festive ones, but all in all I welcome the additions to the calendar.

So far the holidays include: my daughter's chorus concert, son's indoor soccer games, Sunday school progressive dinner (I know those are so 80's but I love them so), trip to the tree farm, gingerbread house making party, Hollywild trip, and of course, shopping galore.

I feel blessed to have a Savior who is ever present in my life each day. I am finding that as I mature in my faith (not that I am mature, just that I hope I am going in the direction of maturity) I find I am better able to accept that God loves me as I am.


All those human expectations lumped on me by myself and others just aren't for me anymore. They just lead to guilt and giving up.

I am accountable to God. He knit me together. He hemmed me in. His word is perfect. (Psalms 139)
He loves me more than I can conceive. He throws my sins as far as the east is from the west. His love and grace are enough.

You can put that realization on my calendar any day. I find I need to remember it daily. It's the kind of stuffed I can afford.


Donnamo said...

Before you came for Thanksgiving I told your father, "If our daughter doesn't want to go on aBlack Friday Marathon Shop we will know she has matured!" Walah!

Donnamo said...

Ienjoyed your visit just love being together with family and love to cook your favorites. Dad