November 8, 2012

Giving Thanks

So I am pretty sure I am not the only one in the world disappointed in the elections results as per my Facebook feed.

Fortunately, only a couple of entries got ugly. I chose to refrain from giving my opinions there, but I guess I let it slip here.

However, I was pleased to see that a number of my FB "friends" now have a renewed and refreshed interest in praying for our country. (That is always a good thing in my book.)

What I am trying to do this chilly month of November is to simply give thanks.

To sincerely utter "thank you" as many times as I can, in as many circumstances as I can.

That's it. Yeah, my idea is to do what I am suppose to do.

To be aware there is always something to be thankful for even in what seems like a bleak outlook.

This week has been a little on the challenging side for me, and for some dear friends of mine.

Yesterday, I left work early feeling very emotional and tired out (still got the nagging cough and headaches).

A long walk with the puppy, time with my bible, and an hour with my prayer group seemed to do the trick to help me turn things around.


I have a friend whose father is very, very ill and receiving treatment at Duke University. He had a very bad day yesterday.

So we prayed. I obediently did what God laid on my heart (that is a first, just plain surrendered to it), and I took her family dinner.

Amazing at it seemed, it all just came together, and I didn't even have to go back out to the grocery store. I didn't stress. I didn;t complain. I just did it with joy in my heart, because I wanted to do something to ease her worry and pain.

You know what it did for me though?

It blessed me.
It blessed me to make her three boys brownies and home cooked food, because I love her, and in turn I love them.
I didn't want them to face another evening at home without their Momma, and nothing good to eat.

God just turned my whole day around, and the rest of the day from the point I started cooking for her until bedtime, it was a blessing.

Obedience is a blessing. Imagine that.

I was thankful I could do something for someone else in need, and I turned out less needy myself.

Any one willing to COMMENT and share a time you were obedient and it led to a blessing?

Please share!


Leslie Maddox said...

Anytime I spend time in Scripture I'm blessed with feeling like I'm more connected to God. It's hard for me to focus on Bible study sometimes with my two little ones running around, especially when I remember how "easy" it was to do Bible study when I was single and didn't have the responsibilities I have now. But I'm always glad that I make the effort.

Donnamo said...

Glad to hear about your obedience and blessing. Surely, there have been times like that during the last 41 years I have been a believer but none springs to mind at the moment.

Donnamo said...

Glad to hear about your obedience and blessing. Surely, there have been times like that during the last 41 years I have been a believer but none springs to mind at the moment.

Anonymous said...

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