December 20, 2012

Christmas spirit

Tonight I found my Christmas spirit snuggling with this sweet little Santa.
I absolutely love this precious girl.
I held her in my lap, sniffed her hair (which still smelled like her hair detangler), and kissed that sweet forehead.
She totally got me into the Christmas spirit. I wonder how Mary felt holding her sweet baby.
Sniffed his sweet smell trying to block out the "animal smells" and focus on her little miracle right there in the flesh.
My heart felt amazingly full and ached all at the same time thinking of the journey ahead.
The word made flesh...

December 12, 2012


Disclaimer: You will totally not understand this post if you did not see the movie Stand by Me.

It appears flu season is upon us. It hit the South hard this year, but the (Christmas) show must go on...

Last night was my sixth grade daughter's first middle school choir performance. She has been dancing around the house singing the songs and practicing for her solo tryout for weeks (didn't get it, but she was awesome anyway).

She did get selected to do the opening greeting, and did a great job. Her class performed three songs beautifully and then left the stage to go to the cafeteria and safely wait out the rest of the concert while the other two classes (7th and 8th) and honors choirs performed.

We were well into the second song of the 7th grade class, when it happened.

And boy did it happen.

All of a sudden, from the back riser of the three riser stage... puke came forth.

Lots and lots and lots of puke. Over and over and over and over again. Four times, in fact.

Poor little girl.

I don't know her, but I have never seen a Momma get out of her seat and leave so quickly in my life, she was sprinting to get to that poor child off stage.

It went everywhere. And on several other choir members.

The Choir Director went in to action and got the kids on one side of the stage, while they assessed the damage.

For a moment, I could only picture that scene in Stand By Me during the pie eating contest when the puke cause a chain reaction throughout the crowd.

Luckily, we were spared further spewage.

There was no curtain, so the audience just sat there in stunned silence as we tried to figure out what to do...

We were assured the show MUST go on, and  eventually after two janitors, lots of hand sanitizer, and several choir members short, the show did go on successfully.

Unfortunately, the next number had hand motions to "You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch", that involved a tummy rub and faking throwing up.

Everyone got the irony. The kids started laughing, and we all realized the night could in fact be salvaged.

It could not have been scripted better.

I felt for the poor girl and boys who had to leave. But it was hilarious the way there was this huge gap in the choir for the rest of the night. Noone wanted to stand on that top riser. The carnage was too fresh in their memory.

A little memorial of what had been. What would live in infamy.

It was a great night of singing, but I wanted to take a Silkwood shower when I got home.

One thing is for sure, we will never, ever forget it.

My daughter missed the whole thing while joyfully dancing with her friends in the cafeteria... THANK GOODNESS!!!

Ever had something seared in to your memory like that?

November 26, 2012


Well, Thanksgiving was not an exercise in restraint.

We ate a lot. I ate a lot.

We ate a lot of great food. Mostly sugar laden carbs. Yummy, yummy, yummy carbs.

So today is reckoning day. Time to dust off the running shoes and up the huge hills in our neighborhood huffing and puffing off the pounds a day at a time.

Ugh. I actually look forward to the routine. Kind of.

We have a little teeny bit of a break from most normal activities in December.

Of course, we add in some extra, festive ones, but all in all I welcome the additions to the calendar.

So far the holidays include: my daughter's chorus concert, son's indoor soccer games, Sunday school progressive dinner (I know those are so 80's but I love them so), trip to the tree farm, gingerbread house making party, Hollywild trip, and of course, shopping galore.

I feel blessed to have a Savior who is ever present in my life each day. I am finding that as I mature in my faith (not that I am mature, just that I hope I am going in the direction of maturity) I find I am better able to accept that God loves me as I am.


All those human expectations lumped on me by myself and others just aren't for me anymore. They just lead to guilt and giving up.

I am accountable to God. He knit me together. He hemmed me in. His word is perfect. (Psalms 139)
He loves me more than I can conceive. He throws my sins as far as the east is from the west. His love and grace are enough.

You can put that realization on my calendar any day. I find I need to remember it daily. It's the kind of stuffed I can afford.

November 8, 2012

Giving Thanks

So I am pretty sure I am not the only one in the world disappointed in the elections results as per my Facebook feed.

Fortunately, only a couple of entries got ugly. I chose to refrain from giving my opinions there, but I guess I let it slip here.

However, I was pleased to see that a number of my FB "friends" now have a renewed and refreshed interest in praying for our country. (That is always a good thing in my book.)

What I am trying to do this chilly month of November is to simply give thanks.

To sincerely utter "thank you" as many times as I can, in as many circumstances as I can.

That's it. Yeah, my idea is to do what I am suppose to do.

To be aware there is always something to be thankful for even in what seems like a bleak outlook.

This week has been a little on the challenging side for me, and for some dear friends of mine.

Yesterday, I left work early feeling very emotional and tired out (still got the nagging cough and headaches).

A long walk with the puppy, time with my bible, and an hour with my prayer group seemed to do the trick to help me turn things around.


I have a friend whose father is very, very ill and receiving treatment at Duke University. He had a very bad day yesterday.

So we prayed. I obediently did what God laid on my heart (that is a first, just plain surrendered to it), and I took her family dinner.

Amazing at it seemed, it all just came together, and I didn't even have to go back out to the grocery store. I didn't stress. I didn;t complain. I just did it with joy in my heart, because I wanted to do something to ease her worry and pain.

You know what it did for me though?

It blessed me.
It blessed me to make her three boys brownies and home cooked food, because I love her, and in turn I love them.
I didn't want them to face another evening at home without their Momma, and nothing good to eat.

God just turned my whole day around, and the rest of the day from the point I started cooking for her until bedtime, it was a blessing.

Obedience is a blessing. Imagine that.

I was thankful I could do something for someone else in need, and I turned out less needy myself.

Any one willing to COMMENT and share a time you were obedient and it led to a blessing?

Please share!

November 5, 2012

Finding the Sweet Spot

A perfect weekend for me involves family, fun, good food (I don't cook) and some down time.

That, I thought, was my weekend "sweet spot".

This past weekend was a little on the crazy side.

We had a soccer practice, three soccer games, a football game to watch, cheer banquet, church SS to teach, and I had to work at our Chocolate Factory fund raiser for work (I know, I know, if you have to work on a Sunday, a Chocolate Factory doesn't sound half bad!).

Somehow we squeezed in one good meal together, and a fraction of down time.

There was a little drama and a big sour stomach involved, but we prayed through it, and wrangled out a good weekend anyway.
An older lady sat beside me in church and she was teenie tiny, but she sang the praise songs old school choir style and despite it not being my favorite type of singing voice, it touched me that she was well into her 80's and she was just worshiping Jesus with her whole heart and voice the way you could tell she had for years. It was precious. Inspiring.

We all (dog and two kids included) ended up piled in our bed watching Amazing Race Sunday night eating Halloween candy and knees and elbows were everywhere, but I had finally found my sweet spot for the weekend.

Somehow, in all the life crazy that sends us flying in different directions, it's funny how a couple of uncomfortable hours piled together in a bed too small for four bodies and a 60 pound bundle of legs and fur watching a show none of us are that interested in, is my sweet spot.

Who knew?

November 1, 2012


Yesterday was a success in terms of the kiddos. They both made straight A's on their report cards (Thank you, Lord!), and their friends were very well behaved.

I was frazzled leading up to trick or treating, and actually ended up getting pulled over for speeding (but thankfully got a warning), while zooming back and forth to get to Dr. for son's soccer physical/forgetting the form/ going back to work/back to Dr. with him/ back to school/back to work.

We let my son have a friend and they had big plans to go to every house in the neighborhood, and be out until 11:00. Ha!

Big dreamer. I told him to be back by 9:30pm, or text me if they were on their way (our neighborhood is about a four mile loop). He left by 7:15, and do you know what?

The boys were back and on our trampoline playing "soccer" by 8:15. It turns out rough housing is way more fun than a ten pound candy bag!

I was out with the girls until after nine, but it was still fun despite being very cold and me doing a cough/bark like a seal the whole night. Her friends are super nice, and even though her best friend (who she has always trick or treated with for years) moved away last Friday, she seemed to have a great time as a Greek Goddess, anyway.

I curled her hair, and didn't freak out when she refused to wear a jacket and would only wear open toed sandals that matched the costume in 40 degree weather. She regretted that decision about halfway up our hill, but did take out the jacket stuffed in her candy bag and wear it.

I discovered that while Halloween changes drastically as they age, some things stay the same and even evolve into something better.

They still love dressing up, and being scared. They walk on their own legs now. They don't spill their candy (as much). They wear costumes they get together for themselves (for the most part) with their friends, and when you have four extra mouths at the table for pizza, it's actually kind of fun.
 Then they go to bed by 10:00 without a huge post sugar meltdown.

I didn't get a pic of the boys, but I will post the girls pic later.

How was your Halloween?

October 31, 2012

Are you ever too old to Trick or Treat?

So one of my kid is a teenager, and the other is pretty dern close now. (When did that happen?)

My son is in the 50th percentile for his age as per the Dr. today when he had his physical for JV high school soccer.

Those are some words I never even pondered writing when he was at his 2 year old well visit, I can assure you. We have no idea how far and fast they will go! I almost was annoying and whispered that to the harried Mom in line with her screaming two year old who looked like he'd kept her up for the good part of his lifetime (and I am pretty sure that wasn't her Halloween costume she was sporting, Bless her!)

I'm not sure I thought he or we would survive to this age to be honest, I think we went to the doctor every other day back then for this or that virus, fever, rash, allergy, cough, sore throat, stitches, or heart murmur.

Thankfully, all the older and wiser women in my life were right, they ARE really building up immunity and it DOES get better.

Now most of their visits are sports related.

Anyway, I am not sure if I should still let him trick or treat. I mean he is over 5 feet tall.

And he wants to go in the neighborhood without me or adult supervision.

But my neighbors have all known us for years, and while there will be many people from other neighborhoods coming to trick or treat in ours, it is a relatively safe place to be.

He has a friend going, and I do trust my boy, but it does call in to question:  How old is too old?

I am not sure if this year is the benchmark, but I am VERY interested in your weighing in on this, because even though I will most likely say "sure" and let him eek out the last fun dress up holidays of his childhood in a safe neighborhood rather than a scary haunted house, I do care what you think.

I have some friends who say middle schoolers are too old, and then some who say, let them enjoy it while they still can.

I am not sure where I stand?

(And Mom, I forgive you for not letting me trick or treat as a kid, I promise, I am more than making up for it now!)